Top 4 Reasons to Replace Your Long Island Windows

Replacement Windows in Long IslandHomeowners know that there is always a new home improvement project to tackle. One project that sometimes gets overlooked is window replacement. The windows in your home may seem like a permanent fixture, but they are not. When a home is built, the windows that are installed are meant to last for a couple of decades, but eventually must be replaced due to the wear and tear they undergo over the years. It is easy to forget about replacing the windows in your home when you have so many other projects to take on, but there are four good reasons why you should make sure you contact the experts at Nassau Suffolk Exteriors today about getting started on your Long Island replacement windows.

Energy Savings

Older windows tend to let your heat out in the winter and your cold, conditioned air out in the summer. Especially on extra hot days and the coldest parts of winter, drafty windows can cost you a great deal of money on your energy bills. New windows are much more well-insulated, helping your home maintain a comfortable temperature year round. Replacing your older, leaky windows with new energy-efficient windows will not only help keep your house more comfortable, but it will also help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. In addition to saving you money, installing new windows can add value to your home. Whether you are considering selling your home or just want to make sure your home is as up-to-date and energy-efficient as it can be, replacing your windows is a sure way to help you meet your goals.

Added Curb Appeal

If you are looking to spruce up your Long Island home exterior, replacing your old and worn windows can work wonders! If your windows look outdated, faded, or just generally worn down, then installing new windows can give your home the makeover it needs. Replacing your windows means that you have the freedom to choose what type of windows work best for your home, whether you choose bay or bow windows, casement windows, vinyl windows, or Marvin windows. Any of these varieties will be sure to add curb appeal to your home. As an added bonus, the new windows can work to freshen up the interior of your home as well. The appealing nature of new windows is a great selling point for your home, should you ever choose to put it on the market!

Old Windows are Damaged

In Long Island, the coastal air can put extra stress on windows, damaging them over time. It seems like an obvious reason, but your windows may need to be replaced because they are damaged. That may seem like common sense, but the subtle signs that your windows are damaged may not be apparent if you do not know what to look for. If your window frames appear to be warped or sagging, or your window sticks when you try to open it, or it won't stay open on its own, then you could have damaged windows. If you suspect that your Long Island windows may be damaged and in need of replacement, contact the professionals at Nassau Suffolk Exteriors today to determine if you need new windows.

Home Renovation

There is no better time to replace old windows than during a home renovation. Home renovations often focus on updating and improving the interior of the home, but the exterior often needs improvement as well! Replacing your windows during a home renovation improves the exterior, interior, and energy efficiency of your home, making it a smart choice all the way around. New windows can be customized to fit the individual needs of your home renovation project. Whether you are remodeling a historic home and want to make sure the windows blend seamlessly with the style of the home, or you are updating a more recent home that is just due for some modernization, you can select the windows that work best for your needs.

If you are planning a renovation or you suspect that your Long Island home has windows are damaged, broken, drafty, or unattractive, then your next project should be selecting all new windows for your home. Contact the professionals at Nassau Suffolk Exteriors, who will help you select and install the perfect replacement windows.

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