Long Island Vinyl Siding Colors

Long Island Vinyl Siding ColorsIf you want your Long Island home to stand out from the others on the block, selecting different vinyl siding colors will surely do the trick. It is the most popular choice for the homeowners in protecting the exterior of their homes. It is long lasting and does not require much maintenance. The PVC material, combined with additives gives it its strength. It is not too difficult to install but usually a professional installs it.

Even though you would like your house to stand out, choosing  Long Island vinyl siding colors that are outrageous is not a good idea, as it would make your home difficult to sell if you ever decided to make that decision. It may be a better idea to look for a particular color that blends in nicely with the other homes in the neighborhood.

Another factor when choosing vinyl siding colors is that it should match the rest of your house as well. Your deck or porch should match the siding, which means that the paint on the deck should be a neutral color so that it blends in nicely with your choice of siding color.

Besides choosing vinyl siding colors, you also need to be aware of the prices as well, these prices can vary according to the different styles, brands and colors. Vertical vinyl siding, which is rather new on the market is more expensive than the traditional horizontal style. The vertical style is easier to clean than the horizontal style siding.

The paint used for vinyl siding colors contains urethane and acrylic resin and last for a long time in a variety of different weather. The vinyl panels are quite durable and do not damage easily. If a panel does become damaged it cannot be fixed, the panel or segment will need to be replaced.

Vinyl siding colors come in reds, greens, blues, browns and creams. Light browns and creams are the most popular choices at this time. In the past, homeowners were limited to a choice of pastels or shades of white. Thus, it was easy to choose a color. Once you have chosen a color, you can coordinate the rest of the exterior with complimentary colors for such things as your shutters, window trim and doors. Give your Long Island Vinyl siding contractors at Nassau Suffolk Exteriors a call today and see what they can do for you.

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