Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Replacement Windows in Long Island

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Replacement Windows in Long IslandThere are many types of replacement windows, and one of the popular choices is the aluminum one. Find out what makes them popular, and what does not.

There are many reasons why aluminum replacement windows can be a great choice of replacement windows. First of all, it is very strong and durable for a thin frame. If one were to compare the aluminum window with a vinyl one, the aluminum is about three times stronger. It becomes tough to loosen or dislodge once it had been fitted into the window frame properly. Even the cost is not very expensive.

When compared to the other replacement windows available, aluminum would fall in the middle of the chart, which is less expensive than the wood ones, while is similar with the mid and higher priced vinyl replacement windows. Maintenance-wise, it requires very little need for care as aluminum is resistant to rust, cracking, dent, and shrinking. Just wipe with a damp cloth, and it is about as good as new. Another advantage many people would consider aluminum is because of its variety in color and sizes.

When compared to vinyl, it comes in many different colors and size because its surface can easily be painted on and is easily shaped. To add on to that, it is considered very nice looking, and carries a commercial look which many commercial buildings appreciate. Other than that, they carry a fairly good sound reduction property, reducing outside noise from reaching into the home. This is due to its heavy mass that stops the sound from piercing through easily.

Unfortunately, there is one very big disadvantage when it comes to using aluminum replacement windows. The disadvantage is that this metal is a very good conductor for heat and cold. This fact makes it a poor choice when it comes to energy efficiency as the heat or cold air can easily absorb into its metal and then released to the surrounding. Especially in extremely hot or cold climates, this disadvantage will be felt. Much more energy would be required of heaters or air-conditioning systems to fill the room and to maintain the room at that energy level. This in turn affects the electricity bill as climates do not change very fast, and the electricity will be run for long period of hours.

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