Basic Guide to Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Guide to buying replacement windowsIn this day and age of high energy prices, any home improvement project that can also limit the amount of electricity that we use within our homes is an absolute plus. One great way to improve the look of your property from every vantage point while cutting back on you energy consumption is a window replacement project.

If you are considering installing energy efficient windows on your home or business, the first thing that you should do is contact a professionally licensed home improvement contractor for help. In Long Island, the most highly experienced and knowledgeable remodeling contractors are at Nassau Suffolk Exteriors. They specialize in replacement window services. Their experts have provided the following guide to energy efficient windows in order to help you get your project started.

Making Sense of Energy Performance Ratings

When you decide to shop for energy efficient window systems, you will be inundated with a number of technical energy performance ratings. At Nassau Suffolk Exteriors, their home improvement contractors know exactly which window systems work best in Long Island. They can help you understand all of the following important performance qualities about your new window systems.


The first performance rating to consider is the u-factor. This number considers how the window system conducts non-solar heat flow. Essentially, the lower the u-factor, the more energy efficient the window system is.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

The second important performance rating to consider is the solar heat gain coefficient. This number reflects the amount of solar radiation that is emitted into your home. Depending on the climate in which you live, the optimal SHGC will be different. In a cooler climate like Long Island, a high SHGC can cut down on heating bills during the winter.

Air Leakage

The last way heat is transferred in an out of your home is via air-leakage. A product with a lower air leakage rating provides a better barrier between the inside and outside of your home.


The Need for Professional Installations

Once you decide which energy efficient windows work best for your property, it is still important to have professional assistance. If your new replacement windows are not installed professionally, they may not perform as well as they should.

At Nassau Suffolk Exteriors, their Long Island remodeling and home improvement contractors will pay a meticulous attention to detail during your replacement window installation effort. In this way, they can ensure that you will make the most of your investment. You are guaranteed to love the new look of your property and the energy savings that you will enjoy well into the future.

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